Friday, March 19, 2010

He leads with confidence and strength

US President Barack Obama has described a congressional vote on healthcare reform due on Sunday as a "historic" moment in a century-long struggle.
Speaking at a rally in Virginia, he dismissed criticism of the bill from Republicans and some Democrats.
Appealing to lawmakers and citizens to back the legislation, he said: "The time for reform is right now."
Democrats are still working to secure enough House of Representatives votes to pass a Senate version of the bill.

Calling the battle to create the bill, "messy", "frustrating" and "ugly", Mr Obama said the final proposal was the culmination of a year of "hard debate".
"Every argument has been made," he told students at George Mason University.
"We have incorporated the best ideas from Democrats and Republicans into a final proposal."

"We are going to end the worst practices of insurance companies. This is a patients' bill of rights on steroids," he told a cheering crowd.


  1. Newsflash: "You get what you pay for". Our health care is the best in the world, therefore it costs money. People love to trot out Ted Kennedy - hey, where was he hospitalized? He's got all the money in the world, wouldn't it make sense that he'd seek treatement in the best health care system in the world? Where was that?

    I expect you'll retort that "life expectancy" is an indicator of quality of care? It's more of an indicator regarding which countries fight the world's wars. Hint: It's not france.

    This bill is all fun and games, until the states win their coming legal challenges that it's not Constitutional.

  2. Hi Dale - It's been awhile. Awhile since your prized leader was relevant. Tomorrow's drubbing in the polls will prove what everyone already knows. Begin the lame duck count - for all intents and purposes this regime has been rejected by the American people.